A definitive
solution for VUR

Reliable results, even a high-grade reflux.


Vantris is a biocompatible, non-absorbable, synthetic tissue-bulking agent designed for the treatment of Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR) in children.

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Vantris VUR treatment
Product Code: BAR-1J

  1. 1 ml Vantris syringe


Why to choose Vantris?

• High success rate — 96,9% to 97,77% — with an average injection volume in a range from 0,4 ml to 0,7 ml. Mean follow-up of up to 54 months.*

• Long-term bulking effect.

• Vantris has demonstrated to be effective even in high-grade reflux and also in complex cases.*

• According to the reports of the studies performed, absence of migration is observed mainly due to the size of its macro particles, an average of 300 microns.

• Vantris is compound of biocompatible material that is non-immunogenic and non-antigenic. Additionally, its non-animal origin greatly reduces the risk of an allergic reaction.*

• Precise injection due to the high-fluidity hydrogel that consists of amorphous and flexible macroparticles that can be extruded with 22 and 23-gauge needles.

• According to the description of an ideal tissue bulking agent*, Vantris embodies the necessary characteristics to achieve a safe, effective and long-lasting result.

*Data on Vantris brochure

Comparision of injectable material particles size
The risk of migration is directly correlated with the size of the particles.


• When compressed, the malleable macroparticles of Vantris change in shape to enable extrusion with 22 and 23-gauge needles.

• When these particles are implanted in the ureterovesical junction, the material acts as an enlarger, increasing the volume of the area and correcting the anatomy of the meatus and the distal ureter, preventing urine from returning to the ureter after being stored in the bladder.

• The particles increase the tissue volume, generating a minimum fibrotic growth around them, 70 microns thick.