penile prosthesis

Enhanced design for maximum performance when self-confidence counts.


Tube malleable penile prostheses are associated with low complication and high satisfaction rates.

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Patient Guide

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TUBE Malleable Penile Prosthesis

Product code:

  1. 2 Hemiprosthesis
  2. 2 10mm Rear tips
  3. 2 15mm Rear tips

Surgical technique

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Tube - Surgical technique

01 . Main features


Silver twisted wire core to ensures axial rigidity and malleability. PTFE cover around the silver core to guarantee that the implant is secure. Tapered biocompatible silicone elastomer outer cover. Separate radiopaque silicone rear tip extenders to customize prosthesis length.

02 . Silicone hardness

1. Low hardness silicone
2. Medium hardness silicone
3. High hardness silicone

03 . Superior malleability

The silver-PTFE-silicone structure provides TUBE a unique malleability enabling the patient to place the implant up to a 130º angle.
Product Code A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
T-090 65 135 9
T-100 65 155 10
T-110 70 170 11
T-120 80 180 12
T-120VS 60 155 12
T-130 80 187 13
T-130VS 80 172 13