The premium solution to treat
female SUI.

Designed to provide surgeons with
a versatil and safer procedure.


Steema systems allow surgeons to choose the best surgical approach for each patient: Steema Dual TOT Sling System for transobturator approach (to be used either in-out or out-in), and Steema Retropubic Sling System for vaginal (retropubic) approach.

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Steema Dual TOT Sling System Steema Retropubic Sling System

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STEEMA Dual TOT Sling System

Product code: KIT-STEEMA-T PLUS

  1. 1 STEEMA Sling
  2. 2 Needles STEEMA
  3. 1 Urethral Protector


Product code: KIT-STEEMA-VS

  1. 1 needle STEEMA RETROPUBIC with handle
  2. 1 STEEMA sling

Surgical technique

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Steema Retropubic 3D Animation

Steema Retropubic-Surgical Procedure

Steema Dual TOT In - Out 3D Animation

Steema Dual TOT In - Out - Surgical technique

Steema Dual TOT Out - In 3D Animation

Steema Dual TOT Out - In - Surgical technique

01 . Steema Retropubic Needle



Three Steps Maneuver


The 3.6 mm needle, provides controlled and safe passage through the retropubic space.


A design that facilitates needle passage.

02 . Steema TOT needles

T-shaped eyelet

Reduced Needle Diameter

The small diameter (3mm) of the needle facilitates passage and causes less tissue disruption.


Ergonomic design ensures precise, controlled maneuvering.

03 . Steema Slings

Polypropylene Type I Mesh

Thermosealed edges that provide better structural support. Low elasticity design.

Positioning Tab

Provides a controlled and easy tensioning of the sling. Removable

Dilator (Steema Dual TOT Sling System)

Ensures a smoother sling passage.

Protective Sheath

Minimizes tissue damage when passing the sling

Green Connector Arm (Steema Retropubic Sling System)

Ensures the clearest contrast during Cystoscopy

04 . The Urethral protector

Urethral protector (Steema Dual TOT Sling System)

Ergonomic grip. Insertion mark.