The most universal system for prolapse repair

Offers the ultimate technology for apical suspension and Sacrospinous Ligament (SSL) fixation.

Splentis is indicated for Vaginal Colpopexy providing a reliable apical suspension in minimal invasive surgery, through anterior or posterior approach.

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  1. Product code: Kit–UT-01
  2. 3 TAS (Tissue Anchoring System) anchors with sutures
  3. 1 Retractable Insertion Guide
  4. 1 Reinforcing implant
  5. 1 Eye suture needle

01. Tissue Anchoring System (TAS)


TAS anchors are carefully engineered harpoons to fixate sutures to the sacrospinous ligaments.

02. Retractable Insertion Guide (RIG)

Splentis Retractable Insertion Guide (RIG) offers a unique design that provides easy access to the SSL, through either an anterior or posterior approach.
Comes with a retractable mechanism to connect the TAS anchors.

03. Complementary Reinforcement Implant

The reinforcement implant made by type l polypropylene offers the option of achieving a more robust surface in the area that will be suspended. This unique feature provides a second fixation instance, stable and definite. However, depending on surgeons’ preference the complementary ‘apical sling’ can be used or disposed.