Adjustable system
for female SUI

The Safyre Adjustable Sling System has, as a unique feature, a precisely controlled intraoperative and postoperative adjustability (if necessary).


The Safyre Adjustable Sling System offers, in its three versions (Safyre Tplus, Safyre T and Safyre VS), a complete and easy-to- use surgical kit that facilitates safe, reproducible, and minimally invasive procedures for either a retropubic or transobturator approach.

Ordering information

  1. Product code: KIT-TP-01
  2. 1 Safyre T Plus Sling
  3. 2 T Plus Needles
  4. 2 Pairs of Rings (Washers)

  1. Product code: KIT-T-01
  2. 1 Safyre T Plus Sling
  3. 1 T Needle

  1. Product code: KIT-VS-01
  2. 1 Safyre VS Sling
  3. 1 Set of VS Needles

Surgical technique

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Safyre T - Surgical technique

Safyre T Plus - Surgical technique

Safyre T plus - Crossover surgical technique

Safyre T plus - Readjustment procedure

Safyre VS - Surgical technique

Safyre VS - Surgery adjustability