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Continued research into female urinary incontinence has led to a minimally-invasive treatment solution


Ophira is a single incision mini sling developed for the treatment of femaleurinary incontinence. The mesh is made of a100% type 1 polypropylene. Ophira offers an efficient procedure and consistent clinical results.

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Ophira Mini Sling System

Product Code: KIT-OT-01

  1. 1 Ophira Mini sling: S-38-AF
  2. 1 Retractable Insertion Guide: DPN-MN

Surgical technique

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Ophira - 3D Animation

01 . Retractable insertion guide


Ergonomic handle

Anatomical curvature

Retractable mechanism

Anti-rotational assembly system

2.2 mm diameter

02 . The Mini Sling


Type 1 Monofilament macropore polypropylene.​

Excellent balance of the main biomechanical requirements:​
Low elasticity​
Tissue integration​

An easily identifiable mark helps to achieve a symmetric location for the proper placement of the sling.​

Thermosealed edges to enhance biomechanical properties.

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Blue loosening sutures

Inserted in the base of both fixation arms, giving the ability to correct excessive tension during the procedure for optimum sub urethral support.​

Fixation System

with multiple points along its self-fixating arms.​