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CONFERENCE VIDEO: Vesicoureteral Reflux Treatment – Debate with the Experts

January 2021, 29th Promedon




Vesicoureteral Reflux Treatment

At the beggining of this year, we had the honor to listen to three outstanding international speakers, who kindly shared their vast experience in the vesicoureteral reflux treatment field.

The agenda started with Prof. Dr. Prem Puri giving a lecture on Fundamentals of Endoscopic VUR treatment, then Prof. Dr. Nicola Capozza shared his experience on using 2 substances; UVJ Obstructions and complex cases were presented by Prof. Dr. Boris Chertin, and finally, he gave a session of tips and tricks on Robot-assisted ureter reimplantation. Prof. Martin Koyle moderated the debate and introduced interesting topics for discussion.

Pediatric Urologists from all the continents registered to the conference, and had the chance to ask several interesting questions to the experts.

Find below the complete webinar to enjoy the scientific expositions again.

It is in our interest to promote the knowledge and development of the specialty, so we will continue to carry out this sort of activities. We count on your participation to achieve it together.
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