Single Incision POP
Repair System

Calistar is indicated for anterior, apical and posterior prolapse repair by reinforcing the supporting structures of the pelvic floor.


Calistar Single Incision POP Repair System is indicated for anterior and apical prolapse repair (Calistar S), as well as posterior and apical prolapse repair (Calistar P) by reinforcing the support structures of the pelvic floor.

Resources to download


Calistar S Surgial Technique Brochure


Ordering information

  1. Product code: KIT – CALISTAR - S
  2. 1 CALISTAR S Anterior and Apical Vaginal Prolapse Implant
  3. 3 TAS (Tissue Anchoring System) anchors with sutures
  4. 1 Retractable Insertion Guide
  5. 1 Calistar S Anterior Arm Instrumentation
  6. 1 Knot Pusher

01 . Light weight mesh


1. Blue loosening loops 2. Anterior arms 3. Mesh 4. Posterior arms

02 . Tissue anchoring system (TAS)

TAS Anchors are carefully engineered harpoons to fixate sutures to the sacrospinous ligaments.

03 . Retractable insertion guide (RIG)

Calistar S Retractable Insertion Guide (RIG)

Offers a unique design that provides easy access to the SSL, through either an anterior or posterior approach.

The guide comes with a retractable mechanism to connect the TAS anchors.

04. Complementary anterior arms RIG

The complementary anterior arm RIG is a retractable guide used to insert the anterior arms of the implant. It comes with a curve shaped metallic guide that is especially designed to provide easier access to the obturator muscles. This instrument is disposable.

05 . Knot Pusher

The knot pusher is a complementary accessory that provides an alternative to secure the TAS anchors. Less experienced surgeons may especially find this accessory useful.