One innovative
adjustable system

Two affective approaches to treat male stress urinary incontinence.


Argus Adjustable System provides a 10-year proven innovative and effective solution to treat post-prostatectomy stress male urinary incontinence. Two alternatives offer the ability to choose the best approach for each indication and patient condition.

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Argus Brochure

Argus One Brochure

Ordering information

  1. Product code: KIT-MT-01
  2. 1 Argus T incontinence device + 2 Adjustment rings (washers)
  3. 2 Needles with handles
  4. 2 Adjustment rings (washers)
  5. 2 Ring (washer) positioners
  6. 1 Ruler

  1. Product code: KIT-M-01b
  2. 1 Argus incontinence device + 2 Adjustment rings (washers)
  3. 2 Needles with handles
  4. 2 Adjustment rings (washers)
  5. 2 Ring (washer) Positioners
  6. 1 Ruler

Surgical technique

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Argus T - 3D Animation

Argus T - Surgical technique

Argus - Surgical technique

Argus - 3D Animation

Argus & Argus T - Adjustability 3D Animation

01 . Adjustability


Argus Adjustable System has, as a unique feature, a precisely controlled intraoperative and postoperative adjustability (if necessary)
The fixation system, with its exclusive combination of solid silicone fixation arms and rings, provides an excellent balance between stability and adjustability.
Tension adjustments can be performed according to the needs and conditions of each individual patient.
The radiopaque adjustment rings provide an accurate reference point for both reliable fixation and postoperative tension adjustments.

02 . Argus T Adjustable System:

Argus T Adjustable System:
Transobturator approach for SUI treatment

• Indicated for mild, moderate and severe SUI cases.
• Designed for transobturator approach.


03 . Argus Adjustable System

Argus Adjustable System:
Retropubic approach for SUI treatment

• Indicated for a wide range of SUI, from moderate to severe cases.
• Designed for retropubic approach.