Simple and Meshless Transvaginal POP Treatment

A safe, reliable and minimally invasive procedure.


ANCORIS is a transvaginal sacrospinous ligament anchoring system. It can be used to treat isolated apical defects or to perform a concurrent apical fixation for minimizing the risk of recurrence of a native tissue repair.

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  1. Product code: KIT-ANC-01
  2. 3 TAS (Tissue Anchoring System) anchors with sutures
  3. 1 Retractable insertion guide
  4. 1 Eye suture needle
  5. 1 Knot pusher


The TAS Anchors were developed to provide a reliable anchoring of two fixation polypropylene sutures to the sacrospinous ligament.

High pull-out force and accuracy
Reliable fixation
Safety with regard to vascular and neural structures

01 . Tissue Anchoring System - TAS

The Retractable Insertion Guide was developed to reach the targeted area for performing an accurate and safe TAS insertion.

Precision and safety in surgical maneuvers
Minimal dissection requirement
Total control of connection and release of TAS Anchors

02 . Retractable Insertion Guide - RIG