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**Meet The Experts** Conference Video

August 2020, 20th Promedon





** Promedon Female Incontinence Webinar **

The Urology world met during 2 hours on Monday 17th, to listen to three outstanding speakers, who kindly shared their vast experience in the female incontinence field.
More than 1000 professionals from all the continents registered to the conference. 
Find below the complete webinar to enjoy the scientific expositions again.
See the full Webinar in our YouTube Channel
The Q&A space was full of interesting topics. Time was limited, so some questions will remain for the next editions.

We can not find the words to precisely express the gratitude we feel after hosting this unique “Meet the Experts” webinar.
Let us start with an special thank to Prof. Peter Petros, Prof. Paulo Palma, and Ph.D. Prof. Emmanuel Delorme for openly offering their knowledge, ideas, and thoughts. But also, thank you to all the ones who registered and attended the conference. We are delighted to work for such motivated and professional people.

We look forward to seeing you again in our webinars!
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