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**International meetings and events 2020**

January 2020, 29th Promedon






Our Events Calendar will take us across the world once more. 
These are the International, European and Latin American
Meetings that we will be at.

6 – 8 February 
Amman, Jordan
21-23 March 
Amsterdam, Netherlands
10-13 June
Vienna, Austria
26-29  August 
Las Vegas, United States
23-26 September
Leipzig, Germany
13-14 November 
Berlin, Germany 
5 – 7 March
Cartagena, Colombia
27-28 March
Stuttgart, Germany 
24-27 June
The Hague, The Netherlands
16-19 September
Lisbon, Portugal
22-24 October 
Dublin, Ireland 
Lets take a time to discuss about the 2020 news at these special meetings.
It looks like this year is going to be busy, but also very exciting. 

Let us know where we can meet!
Email us at if you need more information.